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[ jina / 02.24.96 ]
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kevin is my sweet

occasional affairs with teen top, cclown, and boyfriend
and lee jongsuk is my guilty pleasure

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i dont care if you’re my friend and im being pissy towards you because you’re annoying me right now

January 18 14 // 0 notes
adraughtofamortentia whispered : CUTEST URL I'VE EVER SEEN! If that wasn't enough to follow (which it totally was btw) it just took three more posts of adorable kevin and I was hooked! :D So happy I found your blog!


thank you so so much, sorry i haven’t posting much lately ㅠㅠ

January 15 14 // 0 notes
tagged:  #my beaut  #heh  #ukiss  #kevin
tagged:  #waaaaahhh  #bb  #loveuyfkjhg  #boyfriend  #jeongmin